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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki (Twitter Twit Jr.)

"The world stands #UnitedforUkraine. Let’s hope that the #Kremlin & @mfa Russia will live by the promise of hashtag."

- Tweet she sent out Saturday.

Psaki is a moron if she thinks her Tweets mean anything to anyone - other than morons who think Utopianly as she does, of course...So, I'm not going to say much else about her.  Instead I'm going to comment on the situation she touched on.

I know some of my Conservative friends and blog followers may not like my opinion on the Ukrainian crisis, but I'm going to let it out anyway...If you are interested in finding out my opinion on the matter FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Or you can keep reading for a more pithy reality check.

"Note to the State Department: 'The promise of a hashtag' isn't going to make [Russian President] Putin pull out of Ukraine." - Sen. Ted Cruz (Twitter response to Psaki)

You may love or hate Cruz, but he's 100% on-point.

"Let's face it Obama whether deservedly or not does have a - I'll say it crudely - but a manhood problem in the Middle East...Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, somebody like Putin - and I think a lot of the rap is unfair but certainly in the Middle East there is an assumption it's not tough enough." - David Brooks

That "assumption" isn't just in the Middle East; it is GLOBAL.


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