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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gov. Pat Quinn Campaign (Twitter Twit III)

"We retweeted a local publication's news story on Twitter last week before thoroughly reading it and didn't realize there was an inaccurate and offensive sentence in the story...When it was brought to our attention, we immediately deleted the tweet."

- Quinn is the Governor of Illinois.

So, what did the Quinn campaign delete after tweeting out to the world?

"As a general rule, individuals will sell out the interests of their group in return for personal benefit...It isn't just a black thing.  Jews collaborated with the Nazis during WWII, helping them round up their own people in the hopes they'd be the last to go." - Neil Steinberg (Race Baiting Journo-turd)

Steinberg was comparing blacks who support Republicans to Jews who helped the Nazis...So was the Quinn campaign, which meant what they posted, and only took it down because people took offense to it.

Someday black Americans are going to realize Liberal Democrats (as if there's any other kind) have completely used them in order to get and keep power.  And when that day comes the Democrat Party is going to be in for a very rude awakening...Sadly, it's going to take the destruction of millions of more families before they understand Conservatives aren't their enemy.

Truth be told, even if Conservatives wanted to (and almost all don't), they and their policies could never have destroyed black America as effectively as Liberals and their policies have...Such is the reality of 'unintended consequences.'

I'm assuming it was 'unintended,' that is.


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