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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ray Boyer (North Dakota State University Police and Safety Director)

"They are deemed weapons, and as such possession or use on University owned or controlled property is prohibited."

- "They" = 'fencing foils'...The university is banning a club from practicing or having fencing matches on campus property.

America's colleges are a joke for many reasons, but a university which considers a fencing foil a 'weapon' is truly pathetic.

For those who aren't familiar with fencing foils, they're just a little bit more dangerous than Nerf swords.  Not that these morons wouldn't consider a Nerf sword a weapon as well...I could be wrong, but I bet very few people have ever been killed, or even seriously injured, by either - not even wimpy Liberal college kids.

There are a few items which have killed and seriously injured people, however; I wonder if this so-called place of higher learning will be banning them as well:  Baseballs, golf clubs, and the biggest killer of all LEFTISTS!


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