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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Robert Petzel (VA Undersecretary of Health)

"I don't know whether that's the appropriate level of punishment or not."

- Answer to a question in a congressional hearing:  'Would VA personnel be fired if they were found to have manipulated the scheduling system?'

This is the problem with almost every government enterprise:  LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY!

In the real world - private business - if someone was found to be doing things that negatively affected their place of employment they'd most definitely get fired...Especially if the business's customers were injured or killed due to the employee's actions.

Also, not only would the employee get fired, but the business would get sued for having such employees - Sued big time!

In other words, in the real world employees are held accountable by their owners and managers, and businesses are held accountable by their customers!

The fact that Undersecretary Petzel can imagine, in any way, not firing people if they are found to be negligent at the VA is an obvious way of proving accountability is not only lacking, but it is an afterthought.

That said, if the American people truly wanted accountability in government institutions they'd vote out their representatives who allow such poor job performance to occur...Sadly, I have no doubt most Americans don't REALLY CARE about the VA situation, and it will be a distant afterthought when they vote for the government officials who perpetuate the problems - if they bother to vote at all.

By the way, these problems are a result of negligence, apathy, and lack of accountability in both political parties.


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