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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Terry O'Sullivan (LIUNA General President)

"It's not the oil that's dirty, it's the politics...Once again, the administration is making a political calculation instead of doing what is right for the country.  This certainly is no example of profiles in courage.  It's clear the administration needs to grow a set of antlers, or perhaps take a lesson from Popeye and eat some spinach."

- LIUNA = the Laborers International Union of America...The issue is Obama refusing to allow the construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline - which would be manned by LIUNA workers.

Gotta love a little Lefty-on-Lefty Crime!  I'm sure the LIUNA-tics are stunned Obama has chosen his Environ-Mentalist pals over his union pals, but this is exactly what he has done...And why shouldn't he?

American unions have been 'in-pocket' for the Democrat Party for a century, and there is no chance they'll turn their back on their ideological brethren...The Environ-Mentalists have been in step with the Democrats, as well, but they've never had the $$$ they do now - made on various 'green schemes.'

Which is exactly why Obama has chosen the enviro-turds over the union-turds:  BIG CASH!!!

So, what are the LIUNA-tics going to do about it?  Nada!  They'll be Democrat pawns in the future just as they have been in the past...And truth be told, the union bosses will still get paid regardless of what happens to the rank-and-file union workers.  Same as it's ever been.


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