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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barack 'The King Maker' Obama

"I think Joe would be a superb president."

- "Joe" is Joey 'Bags' Biden.


"...Joe would be a superb president."


"...Joe would be a superb president."


It gets funnier (and sadder) every time I read it.

I can't believe anyone would think Joe Biden would be "superb" at anything.  Well, anything other than being King of the Asshat Clan.

That said, Joey couldn't be a much worse president than his current boss...Nor could he be much worse than Hillary Clinton would be.

While we're talking about the 2016 Presidential Election I want you to keep a bumper sticker idea in mind:  P.P. 4 Prez in 2k16!

Or something like that :)



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