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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moochelle Obama (Hypocritus Extraordiarius)

"So, yeah, there's too much money in politics.  There's special interests that have too much influence.  But they had all that money and all that influence back in 2008 and 2012 and we still won those elections."

- Statement at a recent Democrat fundraiser.

No one in the history of American politics has had more campaign money than Barack Obama.  He had a much bigger war chest than Mitt Romney, and a much, much greater one than John McCain...Which is pretty normal for elections, where Democrats generally have more to spend than Republicans - thanks to unions, super rich Lefties and foreigners.

But we are all used to rich Liberals and Democrats pretending to be the party of the poor, while claiming Conservatives and Republicans are all a bunch of fat cats...Here's the beauty of her comment - a portion in the same speech.

"There's something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check.  I kid you not...I'm going to be honest with you.  That's what we need you to do right now.  We need you to write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write."

"Big fat" is right!  In fact the Obamas are the "biggest, fattest" ever - HYPOCRITES!



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