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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee ((D - Texas, Rectal Cranial Inversion Sufferer)

"I disagree it is in devastating condition...I think with now 21,000 border patrol agents is under control."

- Commenting about the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border...The poor grammar is hers.  I didn't doctor it to make her sound ignorant - it would be almost impossible to make her sound more ignorant than she is.  Even though hearing it was even worse than reading it.

Sheila is a constant when it comes to Liberal Jackassery, and has been in consideration for many 'Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year Awards.'

Congratulations to her.  A truly deserving nominee.

That said, it's good to hear she is so confident about the situation on the border.  But let's read what another specialist on the matter has to say about it:

"She believes that our country currently has deficient border security, which is the result of a history of congressional under-funding."

That quote is from a specialist on the matter:  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's Congressional website...Doh!

On one hand she says things are good, on another she says things are not good...Not shocking at all.  If anything it's par for the course; not just for Sheila and her Libby pals, but for almost every politico.

Sheila just sounds so much more ignorant than most duplicitous, SOB politicians.  Other than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, that is...Wait a minute, maybe being a bigger moron than Sheila is a requirement for Democrat leadership - a pretty high bar, indeed.  Or maybe it's just a coincidence :)



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