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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Nancy Pelosi (Queen of the Triumvirate From Hell)

"Well, first of all, we need you to be messengers about what is actually going on here."

- Answer at a press briefing to part of a question that went as such:  "Why, for every political analysis that we see, including top people in your party, don't (you) believe that the Democrats have a message that can get the House of Representatives back?"

Check out Nancy, in all of her truthful insanity, telling the press they need to do more to help the Democrat Party - by being its Propaganda Wing.

What's hard to believe is she doesn't think they do enough of this 24/7/365!

An unknown commenter on a blog who goes by 'Rational Thought' put it about as well as anyone I've seen:  "Well, to be fair, it wasn't so much a 'press briefing' as it was a bunch of democrat cultists standing around asking their batshit crazy leader what they should do to help her." - R.T.

A perfect reply.



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