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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barack Obama (Proxy Adventure Commander-in-Chief)

"ISIL is not Islamic."

I knew I could count on the Prez to load me up with a quote on my return...And boy is it a doozy!

ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant.

That's what Obama calls them.  They call themselves the Islamic State.

Call me crazy, but if they call themselves Islamic they are Islamic...Call me crazy again, but if Obama references them as ISIL he is by definition calling them Islamic.

But on the night he went to the American people outlining his plan to eliminate ISIL (sort of) and asking for their support, he decided to say "ISIL is not Islamic."

He went to the American people and opened his speech with a bald-faced lie.  I don't understand why he feels the need to do this (constantly), but he seems almost incapable of telling the truth.  Especially when it comes to radical Islam.

He should have called them SIL.

That said, I fully support killing all of the ISLAMIC maniacs who want to do harm to Americans - anywhere in the world, but I'm terrified at the prospects of our C-in-C running this adventure (he refuses to call it a war).  Something just doesn't sit right with trusting the 'good Muslims' to do the dirty work on the ground rooting out ISIL...Especially after we arm them to the teeth with our weapons and tactics.

Ah, don't be a pessimist Pero.  How can you not trust the various Arab, Persian, Kurd, Turk, Shiite, Sunni, etc., hordes to fight Obama's proxy war against ISIL?

That's exactly my concern!

*FYI:  From here out, I will not be using ISIL or ISIS to identify the Islamic State...I will use the name they have chosen:  Islamic State or IS.

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