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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Sen. Mary 'Mary, Quite the Contrarian' Landrieu

"They say I live in a mansion...It's a town home, which I also have in New Orleans."

- Claim at a rally, rebutting that she's an aristocrat (my words), trying to get Louisianans to vote for her.

Mary Mary is sort of being honest here - as politicians tend to do.  She does have a somewhat moderate home in Louisiana...But she rarely stays there.  Instead she lives full-time in D.C.

So, what is her home in D.C. like?  I know how it compares to mine, but compare it to your own:  Around 7,000 square feet, with five bathrooms, four water heaters and over 80 fire sprinkler heads, etc.

Like I said, she's sort of being honest (she does have a smaller house in Louisiana, which she rarely stays in)...She's also doing a lot of lying, because she lives in what most normal people would consider to be a "mansion"-esque house in D.C.

That said, who cares what she lives in!  She could live in the Taj Majal for all I care...The problem with Mary isn't her living quarters.  The problem with Mary is she votes with Obama, Pelosi and Reid!

Just like all of her comrades-with-(D)-after-their-names do...This is the reason her constituents in Louisiana should vote her sorry arse out of office.

It's the same reason every (D) should be booted...Even such lowly positions as local Education Heads.  ;)



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