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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Republicans are no Treat, but...

...The Democrats are a Trick!

A little pre-Halloween reference there...And the thought of Obama having two more years with the status quo - Democrats controlling the Senate - is truly terrifying.

Which is why the Republicans must get more members in the House and take over the Senate.

"Our agenda should be very simple.  We need to neuter Barack Obama while setting the conditions to defeat Hillary Clinton and keep Congress in 2016.  That's it.  That's got to be our agenda...and we need to do it with a smile so we don't scare the gutless moderates." - Kurt Schlichter

"If the president's policies are so popular, why does he have to try to hide them from voters?  And who can trust Democrats now distancing themselves from him an his ideas when they voted with him 99% of the time previously?" - Paul Sperry


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