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Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Peter Beinart, Sidney Blumenthal, Jonathan Chait, David Grann, David Greenberg, Hendrik Hertzberg, Ann Hulbert, Robert Kuttner, Robert B. Reich, Jeffrey Rosen, Peter Scoblic, Evan Smith, Joan Stapleton Tooley, Paul Starr, Ronald Steel, Andrew Sullivan, Margaret Talbot, Dorothy Wickenden, Sean Wilentz, and Katherine Marsh.

"The New Republic is a kind of public trust...That is something all its previous owners and publishers understood and respected. The legacy has now been trashed, the trust violated. It is a sad irony that at this perilous moment, with a reactionary variant of conservatism in the ascendancy, liberalism’s central journal should be scuttled with flagrant and frivolous abandon. The promise of American life has been dealt a lamentable blow."

- Part of a protest, crying about the virtual destruction of 'The New Republic,' a 100-year old Liberal rag which is going exclusively digital.

Whaaaaa!  Poor babies.

That said, this quote is a perfect definition of Liberalism:  'High ideas over reality.'

But if they want to keep it running the old fashioned way why don't they get a group together to buy it and run it however they wish?  Even if their readership is limited to a few elitist, Liberal turds like themselves?

Oh wait, maybe that's why they aren't buying it.  It's easy to bitch about other people's money - Again, back to the definition of Liberalism.

The other funny thing is most of the signers of this whine-fest have columns which run digitally...Why should their precious 'rag' do any differently?

On another angle, why do they care if the paper-version is going away?  You'd think this 'Who's Who' list of Lefties would be happy to see the forests being saved by not printing to paper.

Nah!  They'd rather Whaaaa!



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