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Monday, December 22, 2014


A Manhattan, New York, Mob

(Mob Chant Question)  "What do we want?"
(Mob Chant Reply)  "Dead cops."

They got what they wanted, and it's very likely they will get more throughout the country...This kind of chaos and anarchy is exactly the type of "change" Obama wanted - on his path to 'fundamentally changing America.'

Congratulations, America!  You are getting what you asked for - what you deserve.

"I'm still so angry about yesterday (Saturday) and I find it disgusting that some of you bleeding heart liberals that posted nonstop for weeks about Michael Brown and Eric Garner have shit to say about yesterday's execution of two NYPD cops.  What?  No way to spin it to fit your agenda?  Some of you were calling for their heads on a platter!  Welp you got it.  Feel better now?  Oh and one wonders why the Asians and Hispanics aren't looting and burning down Bed-Sty (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn)?  Why aren't you all encouraging that and cheering them on like you did in Ferguson?  Why is it so different now?  Because they were cops???  Where's Al Sharpton?  HYPOCRITS #copslivesmatter" - Lori's Post



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