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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two Quick Thoughts


"The (Senate 'torture') report's full of crap...It (CIA interrogation tactics) did in fact produce actionable intelligence that was vital to the success of keeping the country safe from further attacks...I think what was needed to be done was done.  I think we were perfectly justified in doing it.  And I'd do it again in a minute." - Dick Cheney

THANK YOU, V.P. CHENEY!  President Bush, the CIA and yourself did what most REASONABLE - and honest - Americans wanted you to do:  PROTECT THE U.S.

A couple things to think about.
1.  We took the fight to the Jihadis - and fought it HARD - and haven't had another 9/11/01 event...Everything done should be appreciated by every American - including the things President Obama has done.

2.  Since 9/11/01 the American people have had many of their rights infringed on in the name of National Defense - NSA spying on us is just one...Making life very difficult on those who want to hurt us bothers me much less than the rights we've given up.

3.  We aren't a brutal nation by any means.  But we are stupid if we don't do whatever it takes to protect ourselves - including 'torturing' Jihadis if need be.

4.  The Democrats knew exactly what was being done.  They knew and they signed off on it, and like Cheney, they would do it again...They are simply lying, duplicitous bastards.



"Stand With Hillary"

OMG!  Please tell me we are going to get more of this in the years running up to the election...BRUTAL!!!

"OK, this is the first time I've actually thought Hillary will lose in 2016." - Conn Carroll


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