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Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Dave Zirin (Master Baiter)

"Russel Wilson is your clean-cut God-fearing media-perfect quarterback...He's Derek Jeter with a Bible, someone who comes across like he has never spoken out of turn in his entire life.  Marshawn Lynch is Marshawn Lynch...In addition, the politics of race, respectability, public relations and what's in the best interest of a $2 billion corporation all played into this."

- Explaining why the Seattle Seahawks decided to pass instead of run the ball for a touchdown on their last play of the Super Bowl.

I have no idea who this race-baiting clown is, but it's incredibly hard to believe the Seattle coaching staff used the time between their last two plays to think:  'Hmmm?  Should we give the ball to the black guy or have the half-black guy throw it to a black guy?  Oh by the way, Wilson is every bit as black as Barack Obama.'  Or, 'Hmmm?  Is it better for the NFL for a good-boy or a bad-boy to score the game winning touchdown.'

The Seattle staff made a colossal mistake not giving the ball to Lynch because it probably cost them the Super Bowl.  In no way did they make a mistake of race or societal malice however.

The fact this jerkoff took the time to think up this conspiracy shows what a Master Baiting POS he is.



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