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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Medal of Douchebaggery Recipient: Air Marshal of the Pinochio Squadron Brian Williams

"I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire, I was instead in a following aircraft." - B.W.

I'm assuming everyone is familiar with the recent Brian Williams debacle - claiming and bragging he was in a fire-fight in Iraq...Which didn't happen.

His apology, and claim he made a mistake is a complete joke.  No one would ever mistake the day they were in an aircraft which took RPG fire.  If nothing else they'd forever remember this was the day they crapped their pants in a Chanook helicopter.

Watch the sequence of events (below).  Events which show he is a big ol' liar - not just some idiot who mis-remembered some event in his life...The only thing better is the motto NBC has been running on air for years regarding Williams:  "America's Most Trusted Newsman."

Simply disgraceful.  And taking some 'time off' isn't good enough.

About the only thing which could save him is if he was honorable enough to resign and retire from public life...Which he won't, because he is a lying turd.  He may eventually resign from NBC, but he won't go away forever.

That said, he probably still is "America's Most Trusted Newsman"...Do the math yourself.


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