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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Denmark = The West = Rome

The West has been the world's power-base for at least the last five centuries, but the West has a massive problem on its hands:  Demographics.

1.  The people are selfish, decadent and narcissistic, and can't be bothered to have children.
2.  The people see a collapse in the impossible debt-driven lifestyle they've been promised (from birth-death) and they don't want to bring children into what is looking to be a much less prosperous Western world.

Almost all of Europe is below the 2.1 child/woman replacement ratio necessary to continue increasing its population...The ratio would be much worse if Europe's Muslim population wasn't included - meaning the only ones having babies in Europe are Muslims.  That's a demographic disaster which will overwhelm the native population soon enough.

How bad are things in Europe?  So bad, he Danes have produced a 'please make babies campaign' they are calling "Do it for Denmark."

The skit is funny, but the problem is not.  Europe is getting older, it's population is shrinking, and the only ones having children are the Muslims...A recipe for demographic change which hasn't been seen since the fall of Rome.

How about the U.S.?

Well, the U.S. still has a 2.1 replacement ratio, but the number is barely over 2.1 - and is going down very quickly.

Also, the U.S. has a similar problem to Europe when it comes to who is having children.  We don't have a massive Muslim population; our immigrants are Mexican, and as most realize they are the only major demographic base who continues to have children at a sustainable level...This is why so many believe increased immigration is not only needed, but is an existential necessity.

Let's look at a few articles I found over the weekend:

American Flag Banned by California University Students to Create 'Inclusive' Atmosphere

Communist Prom Theme Chosen for U.S. High School:  'Prom-Munism'

In the Past 7-Years, America Added 17-Million People, and Zero Full Time Jobs

Army Court Rules Military Must Refer to Bradley Manning as a Woman

I could have re-posted hundreds, but it's unnecessary - I have no doubt most who have their eyes open can see the disintegration of our nation...Our culture is debased.  Our ability to create meaningful work is limited to a few geniuses creating IT marvels (who ship the real work to the East).   Our willingness to fight for what we hold to be important is at an all time low.  Our trust in leadership is nil.  Our faith in the American dream is turning into a nightmare.  The Judeo-Protestant ideals of our founding have been replaced by the anti-religious religion of Liberalism.  Our love of country is being replaced by multicultural assumptions that America (the West in general) is no better than any other country.

This is why America is following Europe's lead in ceasing to multiply - at least to multiply at a rate where the young can replace and take care of the old...Which doesn't even address the way we are changing the demographic composition of the country.

The West has the greatest military power and a significant technological advantage over the rest of the world, but without people it won't matter...Europe is hopeless - no matter how many birthing campaigns it conducts; the U.S. is well on its way to becoming the New Rome.  And I'm not talking about the Rome of the Republic and Empire days; I'm talking about Rome on its way out.

Rome didn't know it was over when it happened.  Most in our country don't see it happening here - or they do and have chosen to willfully 'whistle past the graveyard.'


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