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Sunday, April 19, 2015


The National Union of Students Women Conference (U.K.)

"White gay men often assert that they are 'strong black women' or have an 'inner black woman'...White gay men are the dominant demographic within the LGBT community, and they benefit from both white privilege and male privilege."

- One of the many complaints at a recent Rad-Fem conference.

Excuse me while I vomit.  Profusely!!

Let me get this straight (pun intended).  These maniacs assert that gay white men act like the 'Housewives of Atlanta' and have white and male privilege?

Sounds reasonable - Considering it came from a conference which closer resembles Alice's 'Wonderland' than anything most normal human beings are used to.

The question I have is, do these women have a problem with gay white men, or simply men?  They obviously prefer gay white men to straight white men, and seem to prefer gay black men to gay white men, but what is their take on gay white men and straight white women?  Does simply being a female (who bang men, women, he-shes, goats, or whatever) hold sway over being a white male.

I'm betting it does, because these nags hate men - straight, gay, somewhere in-between, or outside.

So, congratulations gay white guys!  You've been kicked to the back of the bus with the rest of us...Get used to it!



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