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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Prager University: Why You Should Love Fossil Fuels

"We teach what isn't taught." - Dennis Prager

Human beings are the first and only living being in Earth's history which has been able to make massive changes in the way they live.  Some of the effects have been amazingly good.  Some have been amazingly bad.  But ultimately, in order for human beings to continue to be the masters of the planet they must be good stewards of the planet...If we ever get to a point where we do much more bad than good, we will surely face an existential crisis - something it seems 'Environmentalists' would love to see happen.

That said, there are two simple proofs showing, to this point in time, humans have done more good than bad:  There are more humans on earth than ever (by a lot), and humans live longer than ever (by a lot)...If we ever reach the point where we do more bad than good, these simple proofs will reverse themselves, and so called Environmentalists will get to have their party.

Until then, we should continue finding ways to improve the lives of human beings through the mastery of the resources of the planet (including fossil fuels)...And if we are wise, we will continue to look for and find ways to use such resources in order make sure we do more good than bad.

Or not.

This semester of Prager University is presented by:
 Alex Epstein

*Note on the presenter:  It is very offsetting to watch this semester because Epstein somehow makes it through the entire semester without blinking...Do not let this distract you.  In fact you may want to turn away from the monitor and just listen to it ;)

"To be sure, using energy (from fossil fuels) has carried risks and created negative byproducts.  But thanks to technology we get better and better at minimizing and neutralizing those risks." - A.E.

"[I]f you want to live in an environment that is safe, healthy and clean, highly industrialized countries are the place to be." - A.E.



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