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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Jeff

Today (June 28th) Jeff would have been 30.

As each year goes by I look for positives which have resulted from Jeff's death...This year we decided to have a large family dinner outing, celebrating Jeff's 30th birthday.  I'm hoping we can do this every year.  All of us are busy and have conflicting interests, but it is nice to be able to get together - I know Jeff would have loved it.

I also know Jeff would have had an amazing time at the 30th birthday party we would have thrown for him...It wasn't meant to be, however, so we all agreed to take part in a special gesture at some point during the weekend:  A 30-Shot Salute.

This 30-Shot Salute is similar to a 21-Gun Salute, except it is an assortment of Jeff's family and friends taking a collection of 30-shots in recognition of his 30th birthday...Truth be told there were many more than 30 shots :)

 Dad, Krissi (our sister) & I

Uncle Mike, Aunt Jeanie, Dad, Aunt Joanie & Grandpa

 The Table Jeff Would Have Sat At:  With His Best Friend Gaston and His Two Girls - Holly & Jamie.  Also Vince, Dylan & Griselda

 Melissa & I

 Tony & Krissi

 Billy & Jackie, Krissi, Melissa & I

 Neices & Cousins:  Jeff Truly Loved These Little Kids - Brooklyn, Sydney, Emma, Megan and Kassie

The Whole Family Loved Jeff, But These Two Were the Closest to Him - Holly & Jamie

 Danny & Ashley, Aunt Joanie, Jackie & Billy

 Gaston: Jeff's Best Friend - A Much Better Brother Than I Was

 Holly, Griselda, Jamie & Joey

 Brooklyn, Holly, Emma & Sydney

 Sue & Ken

 Chris & Cyndi

 Scott & Brandy, Melissa & I

 The Last of This Caruthers' Line...Jeff Was Our Last Hope For Another Boy.  Grandpa Better Get On It If He Wants to Keep It Going :)

There Is No Way to Celebrate Jeff's Birthday Without Also Remembering Patty...I'm Not Religious, but I Hope They Were Able to Celebrate His Day Together

I Hope Jeff Could Look Down and Watch Us Celebrate His Day.

The Picture Below is One of the Last Known Pictures We Have of Jeffrey

I think of you often, Jeff.  I miss and love you, brother...We all do.



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