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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vote for Hillary, because...

...because she wants to become "The Queen," 

Hugh Hewitt is a brilliant political commentator and he has a new book out called "The Queen:  The Epic Ambition of Hillary, and the Coming of a 'Second Clinton Era.'"

I hope you are familiar with "The Prince" - Nicollo Machiavelli's 16th Century masterpiece on how to get and keep power...It is a treatise on pure political power; getting it and keeping it in any way necessary - any way.  It's where the phrase 'Machiavellian' came from.

"The Queen" is written in the same fashion as "The Prince," and is a guidebook for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 Presidential Election - or more simply, how to become "The Queen."

For those who don't know, Hugh Hewitt is a Conservative...The last thing he wants is for Hillary to become "The Queen" - extending the Obama presidency another 4-8 years.  And make no mistake, Hillary is much more ideologically and  temperamentally similar to President Obama than she is to President Clinton.  Bill was not driven by power - Obama and Hillary are.

Incredibly, at this short period into the presidential campaign season, Hillary has brilliantly performed her role as Hewitt suggested:  Looking down on and lying to the American people, and ignoring the press - when she does speak to the press she treats them exactly as she does the American people...It will be interesting to see if Hewitt completely predicted her actions; so far he has, but there is a long way to go until Nov. 2016.

I recommend you purchase this book (it's currently going for $19.50 at Amazon - just click the links above)...Why??

1.  Hewitt is an amazing writer and you will enjoy the content, even if you don't like the idea of Hillary becoming "The Queen"

2.  You will get a preview of her coming campaign.  Even more important, you will get a preview of her coming presidency if she becomes "The Queen"

3.  I want everyone to start calling Hillary "The Queen"...Those who do not want her to become "The Queen" should recognize the value in defining her as "The Queen".  Defining your opponent is an important first step in defeating your opponent.  Hillary acts like "The Queen" it is our job to make sure everyone understands her desire to become "The Queen"  She doesn't want to be 'America's Grandma.'  She doesn't want to be a 'Moderate Democrat.'  She wants power - she wants to be "The Queen."

Go get the book, but even more important, stop referring to Hillary as Hillary or Hillary Rodham or HRC, or whatever...Any time you refer to her, call her "The Queen".  And then explain who "The Queen" is when you are asked.
For those wondering about the colors used above:  I do not refer to Democrats/Liberals in the traditional 'blue.'  I correctly reference them in 'red,' because they are so close ideologically to their communist cousins.  I don't say this negatively.  It just is what it is.

You will notice "The Queen" is referenced in 'purple.'  Since at least the time of the Romans, purple has been the color of royalty - exactly what "The Queen" wishes to become.

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