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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Better Late Than Never...I Guess

"Symbols are important, and Obama isn't ignorant of that.  In fact, he recently treated the White House itself as a billboard for his political agenda by lighting it up in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage.  Perhaps he's been too busy reviewing the case for allowing transgenders to openly serve in the military to remember that lowering the flag would be appropriate."
- Nate Jackson

On July 16, a Navy sailor and four Marines were killed in a terror attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It only took Obama five days to decide the right thing to do was to order The Flag at half-staff in their honor...Five days and the U.S. Congress to humiliate him by ordering their Flag at half-staff - WITHOUT HIS ORDER!

Our Commander-in-Chief continues to prove what a clueless - or at the least apathetic - POS he is...Every day he reminds us, and I'm sure he'll continue this awful habit until the day he leaves office.  Unfortunately, that's far too far away.

For those who have a mounted flag, which can't be taken to half-staff, you can get a black ribbon (about the width of the stripes on The Flag), cut it to approximately the length of The Flag, and tie it from the top of The Flag...Let it drape down.


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