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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Introducing Carly!

After the first Republican Presidential debate on Thursday, I had quite a few people ask me who Carly Fiorina is...I have to admit this shocked me, but it's ok - she will have plenty of time to show herself, and she'll definitely make it to the big stage for the next debates.

She is a more thoughtful, less bombastic, version of Donald Trump...Much more thoughtful.  Much less bombastic.  But every bit the fighter.

That said, I've been saying for quite a while I desperately want her as the Republican V.P. choice...If she keeps at it, I may have to revise that to the top spot.

You may not know Carly, but I'm betting you know Chris Matthews:  Big mouthed, Liberal, 'thrill up his leg for Obama,' Asshat from MSNBC...I've never seen anyone get him to shut up - until Carly did.

Finally, I've heard there are some out there concerned that Carly lost her 2010 Senate election, badly...She was running as a Republican in California.  There isn't a Republican alive who could win a Senate seat in California - losing to Barbara Boxer was no disgrace for Carly, it was inevitable.  Just as no Republican alive will beat however runs for Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat in 2016.  Just like no matter who the Republicans put up for President they won't win California, either...California is a mortal lock for the Democrats.  Carly lost there, but she learned much in the process.

Thankfully, she looks to have grown much from the learning process she had in losing the California Senate race.



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