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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prager University: The Iran Nuclear Deal

"We teach what isn't taught." - Dennis Prager

The Iranian nuclear problem is a terrible one, and one I have complete compassion with President Obama when it comes to the difficulties of dealing with this problem - just as I did with President Bush.  The problem is the current Iranian regime - a regime which glorifies death as a way to remain in power.  Death to Americans; death to Jews; death to non-Shiite Muslims; death to their own people...As such Iran can't be trusted, because it's leaders are entrenched in power and are willing to do just about anything to keep their power.

Also, our dealings with North Korea should be a reminder of counting on lunatics to not do crazy things or lie.  In 1994 President Clinton made a deal with North Korea (the Agreed Framework), in the hopes that North Korea would give up its nuclear plans...They didn't, and now they are a constant nuclear problem.  Believing Iran will be any different than North Korea is a stretch of the imagination.  Especially with the knowledge that North Korea and Iran have been allies when it comes to nuclear and missile development.  The only difference is Iran will likely be a little less brash and more cunning, and will move more slowly than North Korea did.

Another thing to think about is the recent history of countries which lost their threat of producing or having a nuclear weapon:  Two dictators who lost them or gave them up were shortly removed from power or executed (Saddam in Iraq and Qaddafi in Libya), and a third is fighting for is life (Assad in Syria)...The Iranian mullahs are not stupid, and there's little doubt they've taken note of what happens to tyrants who give up their nukes.

Finally, can anyone really take the Russians and Chinese seriously on this matter?  They cheated with Iran during the sanctions regime prior to the deal, and they will shortly become massive weapons suppliers to Iran after the deal.  Weapons like top of the line Russian anti-aircraft defense and tanks, and Chinese fighter planes...Making the agreement even more humiliating, the Iranians will be able to buy these weapons with the money we freed up for them; money they will surely put to 'good use.'

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  Dennis Prager

"The 2015 agreement, between America, Europe, Russia, China and Iran, mirrors 1938...And just as Britain and France appeased Nazi Germany, the same two countries, along with the United States, have chosen to appease Iran. " - D.P.

"Iran has been at war with America for decades.  And whoever believes that the agreement will bring Iran in to the, quote, 'community of nations,' betrays a breathtaking ignorance of the Iranian regime." - D.P.
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