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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pero's Quick Scorecard: Republican Debate IV

It was a decent debate, with no losers...Which will keep everyone in for at least another couple months - which isn't necessarily a good thing.  But at least no one stunk it up and no one embarrassed themselves.

Again, I think Rubio stood out.  He stayed on message and refused to be dragged into any pissing-matches.  He is, also, the most polished, while at the same time looking and sounding most like a normal American...Trump and Carson may continue to lead in the polls, but I have no doubt when other contenders start dropping out their supporters won't flock to Trump or Carson.  They will go to Marco - or Cruz.

The real winner of the debate wasn't a person.  The real winner was a trailer...A trailer for a movie which will leave a mark in the General Election.



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