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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bernie's Gonna Beat 'The Queen'!!


In the last couple weeks, I've had many people ask if I think Bernie Sanders actually has a chance of beating Hillary for the Democrat presidential nomination...I'm very aware of some of the latest poll data, and I'm also aware of what a brutal candidate Hillary is - but there is no way Bernie is going to topple her.

There is only one person who can keep Hillary from the prize, and that person is Barack Obama...Specifically, if Obama was to give the Justice Department the go to indict her for her email/server mess.

Obama is not going to let this happen, and truth be told I hope he doesn't - I'll explain why another day.

Below is an excellent portion of an article by Paul Jacobs, which does a great job of explaining why Hillary cannot lose the Democrat nomination...I've tried to explain the Democrat Super Delegate 'fix', but this article does much better than I can.  I've put the important points in bold.

(D)espite the fact that a majority of Americans don’t trust Hillary, and even 40 percent of Democrats say “honest” isn’t a good word to describe her, Mrs. Clinton will nonetheless win the Democratic Party nomination for president.

And that’s whether a majority of the people who cast ballots in Democratic primaries and caucuses vote for her...or not.

A Done Deal

One might surmise that the Democratic Party would embrace democratic practices and principles, and, therefore, that the candidate garnering the most votes in these exciting caucus and primary contests we hear so much about would win the party’s nomination. One would surmise incorrectly.

Let me explain: Democrats have a lot of “superdelegates.”

These are party leaders, elected officials and former elected officials. In short, muckety-mucks. They’re appointed to be delegates and get to vote representing the party establishment, just like the delegates actually chosen through democratic elections get to vote. Thankfully, there are only 712 superdelegates among a total of 4,764 delegates.

Still, that’s 15 percent of the total vote. And why should there be even one unelected delegate voting to cancel out an elected delegate’s vote?

By the way, did I mention that Hillary Clinton leads Sanders in committed superdelegates by 380 to eleven? She’s winning the insider vote by an incredible 97 to 3 percent over the Bern.

What does this mean? It means that Bernie Sanders could win the actually voting in all the primaries and caucuses by a whopping 58 to 42 percent over Clinton and still lose the presidential nomination to Hillary among delegates as a whole.

That’s not democracy. It’s a fixed insider game...played to near perfection by the consummate insider politician.

Hillary Clinton will not be indicted. The DOJ won’t stop her. Bernie Sanders won’t stop her, either, even with an underwhelmed Democrat base flocking to the democratic socialist.

Will Republicans?



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