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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"We the People" Have a Sacred Duty

"American politics has been a mud-fest since the get-go." - Douglas Brinkley

The 2016 Election season is in full force, and I know many of you are already sick of it...In fact, many of you are always sick of it, because you can't stand how 'dirty' politics is.

I get it, but you need to get over yourself...The Founders of our great nation built it on the assumption that "We the People" would do our part, with requires being involved, being educated on the governing matters of our time, and voting.  Without "We the People" doing our part, the system will fail - the system has started failing, because far to many Americans have not and will not fulfill their end of the bargain.


If you say you hate politics or don't like our system of choosing our leaders you need to remember what the function of politics in a free society is:  Politics in a free society is about peacefully choosing who will lead us...Duh, right?  Well, most don't understand there is another way for our leaders to come about - and it's not nearly as polite.  The other way is through civil war - or foreign domination.  If you think there is a third way, you are ill informed - or willfully ignorant.

It's important to always remember 'The Clausewitz/Pero Corollary'

"War is the continuation of Politics by other means." - Carl von Clausewitz
"Politics is the continuation of War by other means." - Poison Pero

As I'm sure most Americans do, I prefer to settle our differences (war) through politics...Not settle our politics through war.

With that said, there is a short article I'd like you to read - it will only take 3-minutes or so, and it perfectly describes our REAL democratic system - compared to the one so many wish for - and how it works to provide the leadership for our republic.


"Obama would like Americans to behave as though we are members of the same family. In fact, we do - like Cain and Abel." – Steve Chapman



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