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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vote for 'The Queen,' because...

...because she has female genitalia???

Those who've just started paying attention to 'The Queen' are finding she's a complete train wreck - morally, ethically, emotionally, financially (how she came about her HUGE fortune, that is), and physically.

Those who've been paying attention to 'The Queen'  for the past 20+ years already knew all of this, and aren't shocked in the slightest about her recent problems (and those which will continue to pop up)...We are also not shocked she continues to be the Democrats front runner (only one with a real chance of winning the nomination), because the Democrat Party has exactly the same set of problems she has - because she is they and they are her.

That said, she still has at least a 50% chance of being the next President of the United States of American...Let's not forget, these are the same people who voted for the 'Break It Guy' instead of the 'Fix It Guy' in 2012.

Yes, indeed.  Much of the the American electorate has no problems with 'The Queen' - because they have no problems with the Democrat Party - because they are as moronic as Hillary and the Democrat Party - because people like 'The Queen' and the Democrat Party have controlled the American education system (K-College) for at least the past 50 years.

But at least 'The Queen' has 'lady parts!'

And for those who say, 'plus we get Bill if we get Hillary.'

"[H]ow exactly does Hillary Clinton exemplify female achievement?  What has she achieved - all the fame, being elected a US senator and being named secretary of state - is due to the man she married.  Isn't that supposedly the antithesis of the message feminists want to convey to young women?" - Dennis Prager

In other words, if 'The Queen' reaches the top of the American political food chain and becomes President, it will truly be fair to say:  Hillary Clinton is the most successful woman in American history at 'Sleeping her way to the top.'

Anyone who thinks 'Voting for Hillary Because She's a Woman' is a good idea, needs to think about that reality.

One last reality you need to think about while possibly basing your vote entirely on 'Identity Politics':  How'd that work out when 'Voting for Obama Because He's a Black Guy?'...And What are you going to do if the Republicans put up a Hispanic?  Are you going to be a big ol' racist by not voting for the Hispanic?


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