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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Important Article - PLEASE READ IT

"[C]conservative writers genuinely detest Trump, and conservatives are often more inclined than liberals to swoon at grand (and even futile) displays of courage in defense of principle. Still, I'm not sure this group has really thought through how much damage a third-party bid would do to the conservative movement." - D.L.

This article hits the point perfectly, and as such I'm going to save everyone time by not putting in my own commentary...Just read the article.

The Kamikaze Conservatives
By:  Damon Linker

"If these conservatives consider Trump a threat to the country grave enough to warrant such a sacrifice, then by all means they should try to recruit someone to take him down. But they should do so with their eyes open. They might very well succeed in ensuring that the country (and the world) are spared the trauma of a Trump presidency.  But they would also ensure the definitive defeat of the conservative movement." - D.L.



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