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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ted's Out

"With a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign." - Ted Cruz

When Ted Cruz announced he was running for President, I told people close to me he's the one Republican I would trust to govern in a truly Conservative manner...I also told them there was no way he'd be the nominee.  As hated as he is by the Republican establishment, I am shocked he lasted as long as he did.

Those paying attention also know I thought Marco Rubio would have the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the General Election...I thought being young (Obama's age in 2008), Hispanic, legitimately Conservative, and having a positive message would serve him well.  I was VERY wrong on this matter.

I also never believed Donald Trump would be the eventual Republican nominee.  He was far too snarky and unprofessional, would never spend his billions, and most of all I figured not having an experienced political organization would catch up with him - like losing delegates in open states to a much better Cruz organization.  I was EXTREMELY wrong on this matter.

John Kasich hasn't dropped out yet, but he's toast (he dropped out the next day).  I would like to see Trump pick him as his V.P., however...1.  No Republican can win without Ohio.  2.  Kasich is the perfect addition to help settle down the Republican establishment.  3.  Kasich would add tremendous experience and professionalism to Team Trump.  4.  I've believed all along that Kasich was in the race strictly to get the V.P. slot.  We'll see if Trump goes this route.

"Even if Republicans nominated a 'safer' candidate like Paul Ryan or John Kasich, they're still facing unforgiving terrain.  The so-called safe-states for Republicans...only amount to 102 electoral votes, meaning the nominee needs another 168 to reach 270.  That leaves the Republicans in an extraordinarily difficult spot.  The Democrats, conversely, begin with a substantial electoral college advantage." - Sean Illing

"If Clinton wins Florida and carries the 19 states (plus D.C., which) have voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in each of the last six elections, she will be the 45th president.  It's that simple." - Chris Cillizza

Those two quotes are reality checks!

In other words, the current geographic demographics of the U.S. give ANY Democrat a huge advantage against ANY Republican in presidential elections.

This is why only one Republican has received at least 50% of the vote since 1992 - and that was only because 'W' ran against a corpse (John Kerry).

The Republican party has trotted out safe, traditional party standard-bearers and gotten clobbered:  Bush v. Clinton, Bush v. Gore (Bush won, but didn't get 50%), McCain v. Obama, and Romney v. Obama...All of these Republicans were good men, solid Republicans, predictable - and vanilla.

Maybe Trump is the only chance the Republicans have of beating Hillary - even though she is a brutal candidate, herself...Maybe Trump is the wild-card it's going to take to break the geographic-demographic stranglehold the Democrats have over presidential elections.

In the coming months I'll explain why I believe Trump would be a better President than Hillary, and why I think the #NeverTrump Conservatives and Republicans are dead wrong...For now I'll leave it with a simple reminder:

"Let's be clear, conservatives:  During this race, Trump fans are our opponents.  But always and forever, the leftist scumbags of Occupy, BLM, MoveOn and their leaders like Bill Ayers, are our enemies, and if it's a choice between the two I'll side with the team that at least doesn't hate America every single time.  No equivocation.  No hesitation.  No regrets." - Kurt Schlichter




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