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Sunday, June 19, 2016

An Important Article

Victor Davis Hanson is one of my favorite writers, and in a recent article he makes an important stand about how the November election is going to end up...I tend to think he's correct in his assessment of the situation.  And if he is, we can all say hello to President Hillary Clinton!  Because if he is correct, we are very likely to see a repeat of the 2012 Election.

Follow the link for the entire article.

"'Never Trump' Republicans swear they will not vote for Trump. Bernie Sanders' frustrated followers say they could not envision voting for Clinton. But by November, the majority in both parties will probably support their nominees." - VDH

The only thing which can make this not happen is for those who are too apathetic to vote to get out there and vote against Hillary...Even more important, those who are thinking of voting for some 'other candidate' need to rethink their calculus.  Doing so doesn't hurt Hillary, and it doesn't do anything to forward whatever cause one is looking to forward by voting against the mainstream candidates.  That said, if you must send your vote down the toilet I recommend #PoisonPero4Prez.  It makes as much sense as voting for anyone other than Hillary or Trump.

Back to VDH's article.  Below are his main points, and an excellent guide to who you should vote for.  Read the points and answer where you stand...See where you grade out - that should tell you who you should vote for.  If you end up on the side of Hillary, by all means vote for her.  If you end up on the side of Trump, vote for him.

"Why? For all the flaws of both presidential candidates -- Trump is an undisciplined political amateur, Clinton a compromised and scripted establishmentarian -- they will still advance political agendas that are markedly at odds and represent radically different views of America's proper future."

It's a very fair article.  One which doesn't delve into hyperbole or BS...It just states the reality of the 2016 Election.
Read each short paragraph and ask yourself a simple question:  Do I advantage Hillary or Trump?

"True, both candidates are notorious flip-floppers and opportunists who seem to lack deeply held beliefs. But for now, Clinton is pledged to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and has largely repudiated many of the centrist agendas of her husband Bill Clinton's 1990s administration. And Trump, for all his contradictions, is, at least for the moment, far more conservative than Clinton. Neither Trump nor Clinton is viewed by the other side as a centrist."
**Advantage Trump**

"Trump is a Jacksonian nationalist who likely would choose America's friends and enemies solely on the basis of perceived national interests. Clinton presumably would continue Obama's lead-from-behind foreign policy. Trump would be blunt about the connection between terrorism and radical Islam. Clinton likely would mimic Obama's policy of not referring to Islam at all in such a context."
**Advantage Trump**

Trump probably would revise the tax code and lower taxes, cut back on government regulation and seek business-orientated solutions to the economy. Clinton likely would raise taxes on the upper income brackets and expand government in continuance of the Obama tradition.
**Advantage Trump**

"Chances are that Trump would cut overall spending but increase defense expenditures. Clinton probably would expand entitlements and limit military spending to past norms."
**Advantage Trump**

"Trump presumably would make good on his promise to close the border to illegal immigration by building a wall at the border and would also probably end sanctuary cities. Clinton likely would maintain the Obama administration's lax immigration policies and offer formal amnesties."

**Advantage Trump**

"Clinton seems to believe that the government must act radically to curb global warming. Trump seemingly is not sure that man-caused warming is an existential threat worth drastically altering the economy to address."
**Advantage Trump**

"Trump likely would oppose further gun control and follow a National Rifle Association agenda. Clinton would almost surely double down on the Obama administration's efforts to make gun ownership more difficult."
**Advantage Trump**

"On the Supreme Court, Clinton undoubtedly would appoint more justices like progressive jurists Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Trump probably would try to steer the court in the conservative direction of justices such as Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas."
**Advantage Trump**

"We have become exhausted by the flurry of daily political news -- Trump's latest outrages, the fallout from Clinton's email scandal, and the unhappiness of both Sanders supporters and members of the Republican establishment with the nominees. But in the end, as with most elections, the 2016 election will still offer a stark political choice between two diverse messages -- however suspect and unpopular the respective messengers."

In other words, we are back to the 2012 Election...If you like the policies of Barack Obama, you should vote for Hillary Clinton.  If you do not like the policies of Barack Obama, you should vote for Donald Trump - Even if you hate many things about his personality and person.

It's pretty easy to see why I support Trump over Hillary - because I advantage him on every main issue in the election...He may be a total jerk off, but he's no worse a human being than she is, so that's a push.

That said, you can still piss away your vote by voting for someone other than these two...Just do so with the knowledge that you are changing nothing - nor advancing any agenda of any kind.  You are just wasting your time.  #PoisonPero4Prez



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