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Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day

Those who visit my blog should be very aware of the premium I put on being a parent - I believe it is the single most important thing a man/woman will do in their life.

Luckily, the most important part of being a good parent is simply 'showing up' every day  - something all of us should be able to do...Unfortunately, in modern-day American society 'showing up' is optional for far to many men, who choose to leave their family or never showed up in the first place.

The statistics are horrific, and there is no way to deny one of the greatest contributors to many of the biggest problems in our country is children living without fathers.

Again, luckily, it isn't too hard for fathers to at least be a 'good parent'...All they have to do is be there for their children, and understand they are one of the two most important things in their children's life - along with their mother.

Or they can choose to abandon their children - a selfish choice, which has a great chance of wrecking their child's life...Even for children who it may not be obvious with.

The video below is so powerful because we all know a child who's lived this life.  It's something we all know is a problem, a problem we all know is getting bigger...A problem which is slowly devouring our nation.

(stop the video at 4:00)

Sadly, there are millions of American children who have been broken to pieces by not having a father around...Some are lucky to be put back together over time - far too many are not.  All of them live with wounds.

Equally sad, there are millions of men walking around who could have better lives if they would only look past their short-term selfish desires, and understand how much better off they would be if they had a family...Just as the statistics are incredible about how much better off children with fathers are than those without them, it is the same case for men who are married, with children, compared to those who aren't/don't.

"Marriage is a clear path to a better life.  It always has been." - Brad Wilcox

Again, thankfully, there is a general formula for children growing up to be relatively happy and successful - it is the same formula for men becoming happy and successful:  A FAMILY!



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