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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Today It was Turkey...

"In the midst of worldwide Islamic violence, war, terror, torture and rape, we're told Islam is a religion of peace.  Over and over again.  It's the sign of total cowardice to state Islam is peaceful." - Paul Weston

The Islamists are on a good roll lately.  Today they got Turkey, who knows where the next attack will be - or when?  Maybe it'll be in your hometown.  No one knows...But we do know there will be next ones.  Many more next ones.  And they will continue until they either get us to 'submit' or they are destroyed.

Heaven knows the leaders of the West don't have the testicular fortitude to finish the Islamists off...At this point it might be worth it to turn a blind eye to Russia in Crimea - and end the sanctions - if they'll go in and do the dirty work of finishing off ISIS and any other groups who pop their heads up.

The six minute video below pretty much sums it up:  The Islamists want to kill everyone who doesn't believe as they do - including other Muslims.  The West is filled with and led by a bunch of panty-wastes.

This speaker is English so he primarily bangs on the Brits and Prime Minister Cameron, but his anger could just as easily be directed at any country or leader in the West.

"Islam poses the greatest threat to our civilization we have ever seen." - P.W.


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