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Sunday, July 10, 2016

"...A House Divided"

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln

We are watching the country tear itself apart.  It is by design!

At the end of this post I will explain why the upcoming Presidential Election is so important on this issue...But for now lets just go over the current situation.

Those who pay attention should remember in April I did a post about America returning to 1968.  '68 was a tumultuous time - as a period in time, the closest we have come to a second Civil War...It is also a period in time memorialized and honored more than any by American Liberals.

Why would Liberals  look back so fondly on a time of true pain and hurt in American history?  Because they know that chaos is their best opportunity to take over the country - more than they already have.

Liberals have always wished to conquer through social chaos - particularly by dividing us in various Class Wars.  Not just Rich v. Poor, but more importantly, Poor v. Middle Class...Incredibly, they've also managed to create an unforeseen twist in class war by aligning the Super-Rich with the Poor v. the Middle Class, which has not only given the Poor additional power, but has also protected the Super-Rich from the Poor.

Why have American Liberals taken in the Super-Rich when they supposedly want to help the poor?  One, they've realized they get much further by allying themselves with the Super-Rich - if nothing else, the Super-Rich pay for their goals.  Two, they couldn't care less about the poor.  Their goal is power!!!!  Nothing more.  Nothing less..."The ends justify the means."  And if they have to make nice with the Super-Rich and the Poor to crush the Middle-Class (which is what it will take for Liberals to take over completely) they will.

As we've seen in the past months, Liberals have also pushed a Race War into their Class War method of taking control of the American people...Just as happened in the 1968 period.  There are a two big differences between now and then, however:

1.  Black Americans have been even further marginalized by the influx of millions of new minorities - particularly Hispanics, but also East and South Asians...You'd think blacks would realize they are being pushed to the back of the political-bus by Democrats who are favoring Hispanics over them, but they haven't - YET!

2.  Barack Obama had a chance to do great work towards helping Black-White-Hispanic relations...He chose to do otherwise, and his presidency has done more to hurt race relations than any since the Civil War.

Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what is going on around them.  Either they've been dumbed-down by the Liberal-created-and-run American Education System (K-College) or they do not care...Those dumbed-down are 'useful idiots.'  Those who don't care are 'apathetic idiots.'  These two groups combined make up a majority of our country.

I came across an excellent article the other day:  A Second American Revolution: Defeating the Enemy Within  By Mark West...I recommend the entire article, but at least read the short portion below.

It was Sun Tzu who declared 2500 years ago in The Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear a hundred battles.”

Today we do not know the real enemy we face. That enemy is within. And that enemy is you… and me.

We are the greatest threat our nation faces.

As a populace:
-          We are uniformed and disengaged, caring little about the affairs of our government.
-          We devote more time to our favorite pastimes, hobbies, or reality shows than to holding our governmental representatives accountable at all levels.
-          We are engrossed in the statistics of our favorite sports team but know virtually nothing about our nation’s exploding and threatening national debt.
-          We spent 10x more on lottery tickets ($70 billion) in 2014 than we did in the previous presidential election year.
-          We care little about the character of our representatives, whether in Congress or in the Oval Office, preferring their promises over their principles.
-          Our voter turnout trails nearly every other developed country in the world, with a measly 53% in 2012, and we engage at an even lower rate in local elections.
-          Our moral, religious and ethical standards continue to slide at ever increasing rates.

Consequently, as you and I have chosen to be distant, apathetic and careless toward our government, we have seen that same government become dysfunctional, corrupt and an ever growing threat to our “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

As a constitutional republic, the United States is dependent on its citizens to select men and women of exceptional skills and character to lead their nation. And it’s incumbent on those same citizens to make the necessary corrections when their leaders veer off course and threaten our nation’s future.

That article eviscerates the American electorate and both Democrats and Republicans - justifiably...Unfortunately, they are all we truly have at this time to lead us.  Yes, I'm aware of 'Third Parties.'  That said, our system is built on the 'two-party system.'   It will always be such...Maybe one of the two major parties will go away someday.  Until then, though, we really only have two choices.

So, if you like our current situation, you should vote for Hillary Clinton - who will not only continue the Obama Presidency, but will also have a chance to remake the Supreme Court as the most powerful Liberal tool in American life.  And she will do it with Richard Nixon-like scrupulolusness...If this is what you want, by all means vote for Hillary!  She will be Obama-on-steroids.

If you do not like our current situation, and really don't like the idea of Obama-on-steroids mixed with Tricky Dick and a Supreme Court packed with hard line Liberals, you must vote for Donald Trump - warts and all!

If you choose not to vote or to vote for a Third Party candidate, you are kidding yourself if you try to argue you aren't helping Hillary.  She is the prohibitive favorite, and any vote Trump doesn't get hurts him/helps her...Don't even try to Circle Jerk yourself into believing otherwise.  Trust me, Hillary would love to have everyone who can't vote for her vote for a 'Third Party' candidate.  She may be nuts, but she understands electoral reality.

Of course a President Trump has a good chance of being a mess!  But he will do three things that are incredibly important:
1.  He will force Congress to do its job - to be a check on him...Our country was not created to be ruled over by its Chief Executive.  Congress was always supposed to be the stronger branch of government, and it is way past time for it to return to this position.  I have no doubt Congress would do this if Trump is elected president - even if Congress is run by Republicans.
2.  Trump may not put 'perfect' Conservatives on the Supreme Court, but there is no chance he'd pack it with extreme Liberals like Hillary would...No matter who he picks it would be better than her choices.
3.  A President Trump might be what it takes to get the 'Apathetic Idiots' to pull their head out of their rectum...The 'Useful Idiots' are beyond repair.

It's only our country!  The only one we have.  The one we are leaving to our children and grandchildren...Choose wisely!!



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