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Sunday, July 17, 2016

"All or Nothing"

A Season with the Arizona Cardinals

"For the first time in history, Amazon and NFL Films present an unprecedented look at the lives of players, coaches and owners of the Arizona Cardinals over an entire NFL season. Witness the real life, behind the scenes journey"

It's impossible for people who don't live in Arizona or routinely follow the Arizona Cardinals to understand how hard it has been to support this football team.  They arrived in the Valley in 1988, and for the next 18 years proved to be one of the worst run organizations in American sports - any sport...It was brutal.  And the stadium they played in was a sad joke by the standards of professional sports.  Truth be told, a joke by college standards.

FROM 1988-2005 THE CARDINALS HAD A 100-188 RECORD:  A winning percentage of 35%

The tide turned for the Cardinals in 2006-2007:  They built their new stadium and Michael Bidwell took over the team from his father (Bill was a nice man and a great philanthropologist, but he was a disgrace as a football owner)...Since 2006 the Arizona Cardinals have had some growing pains, but in this 10 year period they've become an above average franchise.  A team with many more 'ups' than 'downs.'

FROM 2006-2015 THE CARDINALS HAD A 84-76 RECORD:  A winning percentage of 53%

IN THE LAST THREE SEASONS THE CARDINALS HAD A 34-14 RECORD:  A winning percentage of 63%...Behind only the Broncos, Patriots and Seahawks!!!

"All or Nothing:  A Season with the Arizona Cardinal" is available on Amazon, and is an 8 hour documentary about the team's 2015 season - the greatest season in the history of this franchise...I am not here to pimp Amazon, but this documentary is exceptional - not just for Cardinal fans, or even football fans.  It is exceptional for anyone who enjoys human endeavors.

The best part of the show is the people - people who aren't just football players, coaches and executives - but people with real-world lives (family, joy, suffering, fears, elation, desperation, etc.).  The next best part of the documentary is the Cardinal season, where they not only won a lot of games, but many of the games were some of the best the NFL had to offer all year...Another bonus to watching this documentary is seeing the incredible personalities and leadership the Cardinals have at this time.  Personalities who do nothing to embarrass their team, fan base or community.

There is A LOT of profanity in the unedited version (an edited version available), but none of it is gratuitous, and anyone who has been in the high-testosterone environment of team sports or the military will 'totally get it.'

Just go watch "All or Nothing:  A Season with the Arizona Cardinal"!!!  With NFL training camps starting soon the timing couldn't be better...And for those who are Cardinal fans, you will not only be proud of your team, but you will KNOW you are in for an exciting 2016 season.

For those who aren't Cardinal fans - BE READY TO BECOME CARDINAL FANS!!


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