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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Old Sucks!

Unfortunately, there is no perfect time to die, and the reality is none of us are ready when it's our time to go...Even worse, we aren't ready when those around us go.

Today my grandfather passed away.  He went peacefully, and I'm very thankful it wasn't a terribly drawn out experience for him, my grandmother, my mother and my aunts.

Sadly, there is no other way.  Death is 'the way of all flesh.'  It is a simple biological function.  It is all of our fate...We were all born to die.

It's why it's important to live and love while you can.

I think about my own death often.  Not in a foreboding or worrying way, but I think of things like:  I hope I can do good for my family for as long as possible.  I hope I don't suffer on the way to death - a quick 'header' would be nice.  I hope I don't live so long I become a complete pain in the ass and a burden on my family.  I hope and pray I go before my wife and children...Those who know me well, have heard me say I'd like to make it to 76 - the average life expectancy for American males.  I have no problem with 'average,' and will be thrilled to have 76 productive years.  I'm not greedy and I don't fear death.

The only thing I fear is my wife and kids going before I do.  This is the one thing I'm not sure I can handle...Lucky for my grandfather, he got a decade past the average and passed before his wife and daughters.  I'm pretty sure he is fine with all of that.

He lived and loved, and went peacefully when it was his time to go...We should all be so lucky.

Rest in peace 'Bummer.'

Love - Jay


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