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Monday, September 05, 2016

Trump's Immigration Speech - What a Monster!

Those who pay attention - which if you do makes you exceptional, by the way - are aware of Donald Trump's trip to Mexico last week, and the immigration speech he gave shortly after.

If you didn't hear or read ALL of the speech, and only caught it in the bits and pieces carefully reproduced and presented to you by the Mainstream Media (the very definition of propaganda) I'm betting you got the 'monster' version of the speech...I can hear it now, CNN or your local news presenting Trump's speech as the raving agenda of a racist lunatic.

Let's review exactly what he said, by going over his 10 point plan...I'll keep it as brief as possible, to keep you from being too scared of what the 'Boogie Man' said.

#1:  Build a Wall Along the Southern Border
- OMG!  Trump is gonna build a 'Berlin Wall'...He's obviously a monster for this one.

Not a 'Berlin Wall' keeping Americans hostage to their country, but a 'Great Wall of China' keeping those we don't choose to admit from coming in...I hope you understand the difference, because it is huge.  One is a means of terror - imprisoning the people; the other is a matter of self defense - protecting the people by only allowing those we need and want to enter.

#2:  End Catch-and- Release
- OMG!  Trump isn't even going to be as kind as fishermen who catch fish and throw them back...He's obviously Satan for this one.

Why are we even bothering to 'catch' illegal immigrants if we are going to let them out?  This is not only a waste of time and money, but endangers the American people.  Who would want to endanger us like this?  Other than Obama and Hillary, that is.

#3:  Zero Tolerance for Criminal Aliens
- OMG!  Trump isn't tolerant of criminals?...He's obviously Hitler for this one.

Uhhhhh!  This one should be a no-brainer.  Does anyone want to tolerate criminals?  Well yes.  Obama and Hillary obviously do.  Two no-brainers of the highest order.

#4:  Block Funding for Sanctuary Cities
- OMG!  Trump isn't going to allow cities to continue to receive federal money when they break federal immigration law - not just breaking, but bastardizing it...He's obviously Attila the Hun for this one.

The basic premise of the United States is 'rule of law.'  It's always been understood that without the basic concept of 'rule of law' we will become a broken nation.  Who would think this is a good idea?  Who would think the Federal Government should encourage more of it by funding it?  Well, who other then Obama and Hillary, that is.

#5:  Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders and Enforce Immigration Laws
- OMG!  Trump wants to do his job and not overstep his authority?...He's obviously Mussolini for this one.

The U.S. is not some 'banana republic' where a strong man makes and executes laws at will.  We are a republic, with a legislature designed to pass laws, which are to be upheld and executed by the President.  Who would think the President should be able to make it all up as they go - making and pursuing/not pursing the law as if they were king/queen?  Of course, other than Obama and Hillary?

#6:  Suspend the Issuance of Visas to Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur
- OMG!  You mean Trump doesn't want to let people we have no idea of who they are or what they want to enter the U.S?...He is obviously a Fascist for this one.

WTF?!?!  Who in the world thinks it's a grand idea to let a bunch of refugees with who-knows-what-intentions to come here?  Especially from places where they'd rather pass their problems off on us than handle them themselves?  We can't be this ignorant.  Obama has already brought in tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees.  Hillary wants to greatly expand on Obama's madness - she must want to be our version of Merkel.

#7:  Ensure Other Counties Take Their People Back When We Deport Them
-  OMG!  Trump is a going to make the world account for its citizens who come here?...He is obviously Caligula for this one.

These people are their problem.  I understand they don't want to deal with their problems, but why is it our problem?  Who would think we should not only take in all the world's problems, dump them on the American people, and also tell the people they have to conform to the refugees cultural needs?  You know who - Obama and Hillary.

#8:  Complete the Biometric Entry/Exit Tracking System
- OMG!  Trump wants to keep track of immigrants?...He is obviously a recreation of Vlad Putin (or Vlad the Impaler) for this one.

Every American is tracked constantly through documentation (SS cards, ID's, taxes, etc), and the government spies on us mercilessly (for our own good, of course), yet we are to accept that immigrants shouldn't be tracked...Who would support the madness of allowing foreigners in our land without taking care to make sure they are here for the common good?  That would be Obama and Hillary - but make no mistake they'll keep tracking us like 'Big Brother/Sister,' and will have no qualms about restricting our liberties.

#9:  Turn Off the Jobs and Benefits Magnet
- OMG!  Trump wants to take jobs and benefits from immigrants?...What, is he some kind of Genghis Khan?

The U.S. is $19-TRILLION in debt.  It might make sense to put our own people to work, and give them the benefits of such work - you know, the 90 million Americans out of the workforce for whatever reason.  Yes, Americans can 'do the jobs Americans won't do.'  Maybe if we cut off the welfare system these people would be encouraged to do so.  I know this makes me a monster, like Trump...But really, who would think it's a good idea to keep millions of Americans in a trap of government dependence, and to bring in immigrants (a permanent underclass, by design) to do the work Americans could and should be doing?  You got it, Obama and Hillary not only want to keep millions of Americans dependent on the government (on them personally), but also need them because dependence = a pool of lifetime Democrat voters.

#10:  Reform Legal Immigration to Serve the Best Interests of America and Its Workers
- OMG!  Trump wants to put Americans first?  What in the world?...This truly makes Donald J. Trump the worst person in the history of the world.

This is really the crux of the matter:  Our country has problems.  We need to work on our problems for a change.  We need to put our national interests first; our people first; fix it before it is broken forever...Who would disagree that we have tremendous problems (Liberals go on and on about not just our problems, but how terrible we are as a country), and who would disagree that we need to put our country first to help fix our problems.  Sadly, it's Obama and Hillary who couldn't care less about the American people.  We are a 'means to their ends.'  We are nothing but voter groups to them.  We are sources of cash to them.  We are the little people; their pawns.

So, that was the Trump immigration speech in a nutshell...I hope you haven't been scared or scarred for life by such absolutely terrifying policy proposals.  If you have, you need to find a 'safe space' and should probably just curl up and cry until the election is over.  I'd even go so far as to recommend you skip voting all together, so you don't have to see that terrible Donald Trump name on a ballot ;)



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