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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween

"The word itself, 'Halloween,' actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. It comes from a contracted corruption of All Hallows Eve. November 1, 'All Hollows Day' (or 'All Saints Day'), is a Catholic day of observance in honor of saints. But, in the 5th century BC, in Celtic Ireland, summer officially ended on October 31. The holiday was called Samhain (sow-en), the Celtic New year." - http://wilstar.com/holidays/hallown.htm


Thursday, October 27, 2016


Sunday, October 23, 2016

What is Next????

Those who pay attention should be familiar with Prager University, and the videos I frequently re-post from its website.

These videos cover some of the most important topics in American life, and are designed to be educational...In no way can any of them be considered risque, over the top, racist, sexist, hurtful, etc.

But not in Liberal-controlled-America - the land of 'trigger warnings' and 'microaggressions'...Please read the statement below, and ask yourself a simple question:  If the Liberal establishment (which includes all of our education and media outlets) thinks Prager University is too much for the American people to handle WHAT IS NEXT???


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2016 - Prager University (PragerU), a conservative online video production site, launched a petition today to draw attention to the fact that YouTube is censoring 21 of its videos.

YouTube is censoring these videos by placing them under "restricted mode." Many families and schools enable restricted mode in order to keep inappropriate language, and explicit adult and sexual content away from children--not to prevent them from watching animated, age-appropriate, educational videos on topics ranging from economics and history to happiness and philosophy.

In response to an official complaint PragerU filed, Google specialists defended their restriction of our videos, and said, "We don't censor anyone", although they do "take into consideration what the intent of the video is" and "what the focus of the video is."

There is no excuse for Google and YouTube censoring and restricting any PragerU videos, which are produced with the sole intent of educating people of all ages about America's founding values.

To read PragerU's petition, please click here: http://l.prageru.com/2d5k57G

Here is a list of the 21 videos currently being censored by PragerU:
Are The Police Racist?
Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
Why Did America Fight the Korean War?
Who's More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?
What ISIS Wants
Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?
Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?
Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do
Did Bush Lie About Iraq?
Who NOT to Vote For
Men and the Power of the Visual
Is America Racist?
Israel: The World's Most Moral Army
Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology
The Most Important Question About Abortion
Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?
Don't Judge Blacks Differently
What is the University Diversity Scam?
He Wants You
Israel's Legal Founding
Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

About PragerU
Prager University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2011 by best-selling author, columnist and popular radio talk show host Dennis Prager. PragerU spreads conservative ideas and values through the power of social media via five-minute videos that present clear, concise, logical discussions of the issues facing Americans today. Backed by solid research and presented by credible, well-known conservative figures, PragerU videos are a powerful defense against the constant indoctrination of leftwing values that we see on campuses around the country. PragerU videos have received a total of 150 million unique views in 2016 alone. (https://www.prageru.com/)


Thursday, October 20, 2016


Sunday, October 16, 2016


Mail-in ballots have gone out, and I know people are sending them in...So, even though it's still almost a month before 'Election Day,' it's time to put out my recommendations.


-  I still can't see how anyone who isn't a committed Liberal, poor or uber-wealthy can vote for Hillary...Hillary is a committed Liberal - Obama Term III.  She will work to help the poor and the super-rich, and will do so at the expense of the Middle Class.  She will continue to stoke race problems.  The destruction she brought on the world as SecState will be multiplied when she's C-in-C.  On top of that, Hillary is 'The New Nixon.'  And who knows what she owes all the people she's been bought by - environmentalist groups, big banks, Middle Eastern dictators, etc.  She will put Lefties on the Supreme Court - it's not even debatable.

Trump is what he is, and what he is is truly unknown.  That said, I have no doubt he loves America, and has no intention of handing over our interests to global predators.  And ultimately if Trump becomes President he is going to be the most 'checked and balanced' President ever - as much by Republicans as by Democrats.  There's no guarantee he will put Conservatives on the Supreme Court, but no matter who he puts up it will be equal to or better than those put up by Hillary - and he may even put up some excellent ones.  This is easy:  Vote for Trump.

House, Senate, Governor, local elections:  This may be the last time I go this route, but I recommend voting for every Republican on every ballot...One, if Hillary wins they, will be the only thing to possibly check her (though it's debatable if they will).  Two, if Trump wins, they will likely be able to get him to sign off on some positive Conservative bills.

My faith in the Republicans at the Federal level is very low - House and Senate.  They continue to be cuckolded by Obama, and will likely continue this trend if Hillary wins as well.  In fact, I believe they'd be harder on Trump as President than they have against Obama or would be against Hillary...The only other choice, however, is handing the House back to Nancy Pelosi and the Senate to Chuck Schumer - both are completely unacceptable options regardless of who is in the White House.  This is the only reason I'd still vote for Republicans at the Federal level - one last chance.  Vote for every Republican on your ballot.

State and Local Elections:  Same as above, but on a micro level - the level which actually means more to our day-to-day lives...Vote for every Republican on your ballot.

As much as Republicans at the Federal level have failed, Republican leaders (especially governors) have been excellent.  In fact, Republicans at the state level have been the only effective check on Obama.  I see no reason this won't continue no matter who takes control of the Federal levers.

Judges:  I can't believe any state allows the public to vote on judges.  No one has a clue what they are voting for - not even those who pay attention to politics...I'd recommend you skip it and save the ink in your pen, or vote to keep them all.

Ballot Propositions:  This is another one I don't understand why the public is voting on.  We pay our state legislators to do a job, and instead of doing so they pass the buck to the people to make the hard decisions they don't have the guts to make.  Often knowing the public will make decisions which severely hurt the state...As such, I would vote NO on all ballot propositions out of conviction.  But I know most of you want reasons.  I live in Arizona, so here are the reasons to vote NO on our props.

- Prop 205 'Lets Get High, For the Kids':  Personally, I'd vote against any law making narcotics legal.  We have enough problems in this country, and the last thing we need is another excuse to encourage bad habits.  But I understand many people have no problem with pot, and compare it to booze.  Fine...What really gets me about this one is the way its proponents are selling it as 'For the Kids.'  This is a favorite tool of the Left, and any time I hear 'do it for the kids' I get very nervous.  As such, VOTE NO.

- Prop 206 'Minimum Wage':  Arizona's economy is finally bouncing back from the last recession, and the last thing we need is for employers to find reasons to hire less people or take their business somewhere else...I have two daughters who are in the early stages of their work-lives.  The last thing I want is to see their growth stunted by such foolishness - even though it sounds really nice.  VOTE NO.


Thursday, October 13, 2016


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