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Sunday, October 09, 2016


"(The Donald Trump) recordings reveal exactly nothing that we all didn't already know about Donald Trump.  And Trump's lewd and crude comments made 11 years ago do not diminish the dangers of a Clinton election in 30 days...This election remains a binary choice (Hillary or Trump)...This is not a defense of what Trump said or did.  It's an argument for a sense of proportion.  For many Republican leaders the Trump tape is disqualifying but Benghazi isn't, pay to play at the State Department isn't, selling weapons to ISIS isn't, harassing Bill's victims isn't, compromising national security isn't.  Do whatever you want to the country, just don't talk dirty!" - Chris Buskirk

That's the 2016 Election in a nutshell:  It's Hillary or Trump, and nothing we have seen or heard from Trump in the past week (including his loose mouth) is new...It was always a given that he is a very flawed candidate - a very flawed human being.

It is also known that Hillary Clinton is an extreme Lefty, who has as many or more skeletons in her closet than Donald Trump does...SKELETONS WHICH HAVE EFFECTED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND NATIONAL DEFENSE!

It still comes down to a simple set of questions:
1.  Who has done more to hurt the U.S.?
2.  Who will do more to hurt the U.S. in the future?

"I choose to vote for Trump not because I like the cut of his jib, but because Hillary Clinton is an extinction-level menace who is likely to literally destroy the United States of America.  We're strong enough to deal with an idiot.  I don't think our culture is strong enough to deal with a committed, focused leftist monster like her.  That's my reasoning.  That's why he will get my vote.  That's the only reason he will get my vote." - Kurt Schlichter

...But, I am not foolish enough to believe many people will be able to look past the 'shiny trinket' the Left has put in front of them - the 'Trump tapes'...Some will choose to support Hillary, some will choose to stay home - a repeat of how we got President Obama.

Oh, did you notice that?  No matter who runs as a Republican, they are painted as racist, woman hating, Nazi devils (Romney, McCain, etc.), and useless stupidity is the Democrats favorite tool for distracting the voting public from their own failures...FAILURES WHICH CONTINUE TO PILE UP YEAR AFTER YEAR - DECADE AFTER DECADE!

I'm sure many more twists and turns will happen for both Hillary and Trump in the next four weeks (leaks, tapes, emails, EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE AND UNIMAGINABLE), but I'm also sure at this point in time Hillary has a healthy lead when in comes to the Electoral Map - which is all that really matters.

There will be a price to pay if I am right in this assumption.  Unfortunately, it will be paid by the very people who will push Hillary over the threshold to win - NORMAL MIDDLE AMERICA.

Just a little something to keep in mind as the next 30 days come and go.



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