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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving - What I'm Most Thankful For This Year

On Thanksgiving I like to look back and make a point of giving thanks for the important things in my life.  As such, on this Thanksgiving I am most thankful for my brother-in-law, Tony's, car.

Those with good memories may remember last Thanksgiving I wrote that I was most thankful for the amazing health those in my household (myself, my wife, and my two kids) have had in our lives - the most extreme injury or illness any of us had ever suffered was my wife's broken ankle and when she knocked her teeth out...This year I tested that luck.

September 20th, Tony and I went to a Tesla/REO Speedwagon/Def Leppard concert.  It was a fantastic concert, but on our way home while stopped at a traffic light we were slammed into by a truck going 40-50 MPH - he didn't even attempt to brake - and we crushed the car in front of us as well.

Tony's car was 'totaled', but did it's job as well as anyone could ever ask:  The front and back of the car were completely destroyed, the seating portion, however, was entirely protected and the air bags went off...It was a miracle for the two of us to walk away from the accident, because Tony and I should have been crippled at best and dead at worst.

Incredibly, both of us escaped the accident with minor burns, abrasions and body aches, and were able to walk away from it with just these physical injuries...As such, I am more than happy on this Thanksgiving to give my greatest thanks of the year to an inanimate object:  Tony's Car.

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