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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Trump's Not Getting Anything Done? Really?

TRUMPISM:  "[D]efined as secure borders, economic nationalism, interests-based foreign policy, and above all judging every government action through a single lens: does this help or harm Americans." - Journal of American Greatness

If you watch or read the main stream media you probably believe President Trump is an absolute failure so far in his first two months on the job...Of course they say this - they want him to fail more than anything in the world.  And of course he's had a few hiccups - he's never been a politician in his life.  And of course he's run into some problems with his fellow Republicans - he ran for president promising to 'break down DC norms.'  Norms which included Republicans...Blah, blah, blah.

As far as I'm concerned if the next 46 months of his presidency progress anywhere near like his first two, he'll end up being better than I could have ever hoped...Remember, my hopes for President Trump were pretty much limited to:

1.  Slowing down illegal immigration...It'll never be stopped, but at least trying will be a positive step.  Actually, trying will slow things down significantly - as is proving true already.

2.  Eliminating Obama's job killing policies...Specifically in the energy fields, but also in every American enterprise.  He is having to do this by overturning Obama's regulatory regime, because Congress is a mess, but who cares.  He's getting it done.

3.  Put America first...We need the rest of the world to prosper, but it can't be at the expense of or on the backs of Americans.

4.  Putting fantastic judges in the federal courts.  Especially the Supreme Court...Neil Gorsuch is going to make an amazing first choice.  There will likely be more.

5.  Getting rid of ISIS and getting the hell out of the Middle East cauldron.  And, stop making enemies with everyone on earth who isn't 'nice' or act like we do:  China and Russia in particular...This is a long term goal, but I have no doubt it's one he has as well.

6.  No matter what he gets done or doesn't get done - even if he truly got NOTHING done - he won't do crazy Lefty stuff like Obama or Hillary...If nothing else, Trump is a reprieve from the insane march towards America becoming Western Europe - or worse.

You should notice I didn't list him being 'Presidential', or getting along with Congress, or playing nice with the media, or Europeans thinking he's cool, or him having sky-high approval ratings, etc, etc., etc...I couldn't care less!  I knew exactly what he was when he was elected.  He is what he is, and it's better than what Hillary would have been - which would have been an unmitigated disaster for Average Joe and Jane America.

Here's a list of his Executive Orders.  Here's a great article about what he's gotten done...No huge legislative wins.  Nothing flashy or exciting.  Just a steady stream of issues which help America and Americans - as he promised.  More will follow.

But I know some of my Conservative friends and readers are concerned Trump hasn't really done anything.  To find out if he's gotten anything done - ASK YOUR LIBERAL FRIENDS ABOUT THE POLICIES HE'S PUSHED THROUGH SO FAR.  THEIR INSANE HATRED AND LOATHING IS A 'TELL' OF HOW MUCH HE'S GETTING DONE - if he was a failure they'd just laugh and let him keep failing...But for kicks, lets go ahead and pretend he hasn't gotten anything done.

That said, this week the Senate will confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court - fulfilling one of the most important campaign promises Trump made...Even if he had done nothing else - which isn't true by any means - for this reason alone, Trump's first two months in office will be a success.

Either the Democrats will forgo their filibuster threats against Gorsuch, or the Republicans will change the rules - the 'Nuclear Option'...For those who get sucked into believing if the Republicans do this they are breaking some BS Senate traditions or whatever, watch this short video - of Hillary's Vice Presidential choice.

"We will change the rules." - Senator Tim Kaine

Of course the Democrats would have changed the rules.  They did it when Harry Reid and the Democrats were in control of the Senate, and it is perfectly legitimate.  As described in the Constitution, the Senate is run by the rules of its own making.  Rules which have been changed many times in American history...The Republicans would have to be stupid not to do EXACTLY what the Democrats would have done if Hillary was the one picking nominees with a Democrat Senate.  That's not 'Fake News.'  That's exactly what Sen. Kaine admitted to above.

The Republicans are stupid, but they aren't stupid enough to keep being 'Charlie Brown with Lucy pulling the football'...If the Democrats insist on filibustering, the Republicans will change the rules.

So, Gorsuch will be on the SCOTUS soon enough...One of many accomplishments which will justify Donald Trump's election.

Liberal 'outrage' will continue to be the proof of his success....ESPECIALLY WHEN TRUMP GETS TO FILL FUTURE SCOTUS SEATS - under the new rules, which will allow him to pick more fantastic Conservatives!


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