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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Why Isn't Communism As Hated As Nazism?

"Give us five-minutes and we’ll give you a semester." - Dennis Prager

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  Dennis Prager

"Communism is based on nice sounding theories. Nazism isn't.  It's based on heinous sounding theories...They (intellectuals) dismiss the evils of communists as perversions of 'true communism.'  But they regard Nazi atrocities, correctly, as the logical and inevitable results of  Nazism." - D.P.

"Given the unparalleled amount of human suffering communists have caused, why is communist so much less a term of revulsion than Nazi?...There is, simply put, widespread ignorance of the communist record...And since the left dominates academia, almost no one teaches communism's evil history." – D.P.

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**In case you need more proof of the acceptance of Communism:  California may end ban on communists in government jobs



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