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Monday, July 31, 2017

25th Anniversary

“We were just kids when we fell in love...” - Ed Sheeran

Other than the days of my birth and future death, August 1, 1992 is the most consequential day of my life.  It is the day I married Melissa.  It is the day I devoted myself entirely to another person...A person who has proven worthy of my devotion.  A person I can not imagine living a single day without.

She came into my life out of nowhere; both of us visiting Phoenix while on Christmas vacation - A true chance meeting...She was a young lady with no desire to be in a relationship.  I was a maniac boy, who a year after heartbreak never thought he'd find love again.
I know my friends and family thought I was out of my mind when I gave up everything I had and knew to be with her.  I have no doubt Melissa's friends and family thought likewise of her...They may have been right.  We were so young.  But we knew what we wanted - each other.  We weren't afraid.
Like all relationships, ours has had ups and downs.  Unlike many relationships, we have made it one of our life goals to fight just as hard to make it though the downs as much as we have enjoyed the ups...We were both lucky to have found a partner who made marriage a highest priority.  One worth fighting for and never giving up on.
Very proud of the Middle Class life we have created - especially considering what we started with...We both work hard and push ourselves to succeed, but we're aware of how lucky we have been.  This last decade has been brutal on many Americans and we are very thankful to have escaped much of the pain.
Evolving with each passing year, our family has grown from us two to us four - with our amazing girls.  And we look forward to the days when we become five, six, seven, etc. (with grandchildren)...Just not too soon ;)
Ready and faithful = "Promptus et Fidelis"

Like everyone else, Melissa isn't perfect...But, she is perfect for me!



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