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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Let's sit back and imagine Pero magically received the power to take over every loudspeaker at every high school and university in America.

And let's imagine Pero simply said one word over this loudspeaker - a loudspeaker every high school and university student in America would hear...Let's imagine that one word Pero said over that loudspeaker was DUNKIRK!!

Incredibly, pathetically, I'm betting less than 5% of the students at these schools - even at our finest high schools and universities - would have any idea about the importance of this single word:  Dunkirk!

Yes, I saw the movie Dunkirk this weekend.  And yes, I recommend it for everyone - especially for those who understand the event's significance...Its direction is a little quirky, but it is an amazing story - a story EVERYONE LIVING IN FREEDOM SHOULD KNOW!!!

It is easy in our time, 70-years after WWII, to say:  'There is no way the Germans (and Japanese) could have conquered the world.  There is no way they could defeat all of Europe and Asia, the Soviet Union and the United States.'

It's important to know, at the time of Operation Dynamo (the British evacuation of Dunkirk), that Europe was all but subdued by the Germans.  The French were almost done, and the rest of Europe had either been overrun, was a German ally - including the Soviets - or was pretending to be 'neutral.'  The German monster had crushed everything in it's path, and most thought there was nothing which could stop them.

There was one small island nation that continued to fight:  The United Kingdom - ALONE!

It's also important to remember what the Germans had in mind for all of the Eurasian landmass:  An erasing of historical defects...They weren't going to just eliminate the Jews, Slavs, Roma, etc.  In the process of creating the 1000 Year Reich, they were going to eliminate all of the non-Germans; through a policy of simple extermination and by working them to death for the production of German food and materiel.

The Japanese had similar plans in the East.

The Brits didn't defeat the Germans; surely not at Dunkirk.  What happened at Dunkirk was the Brits were able to save over 300,000 Allied troops (primarily Brit and French), ferrying them from sure destruction on the beaches of France back to the British Islands...Oh, and in large part this evacuation was performed by civilian and merchant marine vessels.

Yes, small little luxury liners and commercial boats, with no protection from German air and submarine attacks.

These 300,000 troops were put back into action in short time, during the battle of Britain and throughout the various African and Middle Eastern campaigns, but this wasn't the most important thing about the Dunkirk evacuation.  The most important thing about Dunkirk was it gave the British people HOPE!

This is why every person in the world who lives in freedom should know about Dunkirk...Because the hope generated from the evacuation kept the Brits in the fight.

The Brits staying in the fight forced the Germans into many mistakes, including in North Africa, the Balkans, and its biggest mistake:  invading Russia before it had finished everyone else off...And most important, the Brits stayed in the fight long enough for Germany's ally, Japan, to draw the Americans into the war.

This was the genius of the British continuing to fight Germany:  They fought just long enough for the U.S. and USSR to enter the war against Germany...A game-changer.  A reality the Germans had almost no chance of overcoming.

So, please go watch the movie.  And if nothing else, I hope from this point forward, when you hear the word DUNKIRK you understand the importance of that word.


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