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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump's Been Prez For About Half-a-Year...How You Hanging in There?

I know a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump - or against Hillary Clinton - are suffering from serious fatigue.  I have to admit, there are times when I do, too.

The constant scandal-scare-mongering about Trump from the media is overwhelming...But don't you think if they 'had him,' they'd already have gotten rid of him?

The constant linking of Team Trump to the Russians freaks everyone out, especially someone like myself who grew up in the heat of the Cold War...But don't you think if there was some 'there there' he'd already be gone?  Truth is, I have no doubt Trump and his team got info from everyone everywhere - just like everyone always does.  The difference is his team wasn't a professional political organization, and wasn't a master at the game - definitely nowhere near the pros Obama or the Clintons are.

Some of you probably wonder how Trump can survive when even many of his fellow Republicans don't like him...Uh, if you were paying attention you had to know they hated him before he was even nominated, let alone after he won the election.  The best part is he hates them as well.  Don't forget, from the time he came down the elevator and put the world on notice that he was running, he ran first against the shitheads with (R) behind their names.

I know many of you don't think he's 'professional' or he's not 'presidential.'  Get over it.  We are in a period of cultural and political warfare - a nonviolent civil war (more or less nonviolent, but getting worse), and more than anything I want a fighter.  I'd take General Grant over General McClellan any day!

If you don't get the reference:  Grant was a drunk ruffian, but he won the U.S. Civil War.  McClellan was a perfect gentleman who was afraid to put his troops in battle, and we might still be fighting the Civil War had Lincoln not canned him.

Trump is not perfect, but he is a fighter.  He doesn't start the fights, but he is the perfect counter-puncher...And he doesn't mind hitting below the belt if the situation calls for it.  Which unfortunately is all the time.

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." - President Barack Obama

In the past, Republicans haven't even brought a knife...They preferred to stand on 'principles' and 'standards - And seemed to enjoy LOSING!!!

Trump doesn't like losing, and the most  important thing is to keep an eye on his policy wins - wins which would be impossible if Hillary was Prez.  And please don't kid yourself that any of the other Republicans could have beaten her, because they wouldn't.

Illegal immigration is down and most important we haven't been hit by a terror attack at home on Trump's watch.  He may be pissing off the Euros, but they are starting to realize they have to carry their own weight in NATO.  ISIS isn't dead (and may never be), but it is no longer a functional state.  The NorK's continue to play games, but they are very aware they aren't dealing with Obama any more.  Economy crushing regulations are being tossed in the trash every day.  America's energy producing potential is being tapped with Trump's blessing.  Hundreds of federal court positions are in the process of being filled by Conservatives - including Gorsuch at the SCOTUS, and hopefully some more in that top court in the near future, etc, etc, etc.

That said, I hope you will take 5-minutes and read Schlichter's article...It's an easy read, and puts a lot of things in perspective.

It’s all about liberals retaking power and trying to make sure we normals never get a say in our own governance again. Make no mistake, there are plenty of nominal Republicans who would be happy for that to happen...None of this is about right and wrong. It's about power - their power, and ensuring we have none.

By:  Kurt Schlichter

Nobody's getting arrested, nobody’s getting impeached. You liberals suck and you're going to lose. Again.

Oh, and Trump also isn't Hitler!  For heaven's sake, the Left has been beating this stupid drum since November 8, 2016...Not because he's so horrible, but because he had the gall to beat their Queen.

Never forget these same Liberal maggots also said Bush was Hitler.  So was McCain.  So was Romney.  And so would have been any Republican who became President...KEEP THIS IN MIND EVERY TIME YOU HEAR HOW BAD TRUMP IS.

President Trump is a different bird, but he is much closer to a normal guy than any other politico or media mouthpiece.  They hate him for this.  They hate him because he's not them - HE IS CLOSER TO US!!!...They will do anything they can to tarnish him, because THEY HATE US!!

Just keep your eye on the scoreboard, and count WINS - big or small...Don't watch the MSM, and don't fixate on Trump's Tweets.  Just do a simple +/- ledger and watch all the good that comes about under Trump and remember NONE of it would have happened if he wasn't there...If nothing else, that makes this last six months a success!


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