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Sunday, August 06, 2017

PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Government Can't Fix Healthcare

"Give us five-minutes and we’ll give you a semester." - Dennis Prager

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  Bob McEwen

"When it's not your money paying for something, and you don't use it, then you're not concerned about either the price or the quality (a 3rd Party Purchase)...By definition, all government purchases are 3rd Party Purchases.  The government spends other people's money on things it won't consume.  It doesn't care about the price or the quality." – B.M.

"ObamaCare was supposed to fix all of this (the American healthcare mess).  But instead, like every other government healthcare program before it, it just made things worse...[W]hen the government gets involved, costs go up; waste and fraud go up; essential medical services are denied or unavailable.  These are the hallmarks of government healthcare bureaucracies around the globe." – B.M.



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