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Monday, September 04, 2017


"We teach what isn’t taught." - Dennis Prager

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  Charles Krauthammer

"A vast number of Americans who oppose legalization (of illegal immigrants) and fear new waves of immigration, would change their minds if  we could radically reduce new, i.e.,  future, illegal immigration. And we can.  First, build a barrier...Then enforce two other measures.  A national E-Verify system that makes it just about impossible to work if you are here illegally. And a functioning visa tracking system, since 40% of illegal immigrants are visa overstays." – C.K.

"Every sensible immigration policy has two objectives.  One, to regain control of our borders; so that we decide who enters.  And two, to find a humane way to deal with the 11 million illegal immigrants who now live among us...It's ridiculous to say that it can't be done...Radical border control, followed by radical legalization.  No mushy compromise." – C.K.



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