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Sunday, October 01, 2017

PRAGER UNIVERSITY: 4 Semesters on Economics

*With Summer coming to an end, this is a perfect time to cram in a 'Summer Session' of 4 classes at once...Do them all at once, or do one per day.  But whatever you do, watch these videos...Economics may not be interesting to you, but thankfully these aren't boring Econ 101/102 classes.  They are 5 minute videos.  Videos which can teach you just as much as expensive, long college classes will - WITHOUT THE LEFT WING PROPAGANDA!


How Socialism Ruined My Country:  By Felipe Moura Brasil

"The United States isn't Brazil, but if you follow what Felipe says you can't help but notice EVERYTHING he says is actually happening in the U.S...You'd think we'd learn from 100 years of socialism's failures.  Unfortunately, we haven't, and instead are choosing to repeat its mistakes - in a much bigger way than Brazil ever could." - Poison Pero


Why You Love Capitalism:  By Jared Meyer

"[E]ntrepreneurs with great ideas and the freedom to test them in the marketplace.  That is what is known as CAPITALISM...Why is going to the Apple Store so fun, but going to the DMV so painful?  Because one has nothing to do with government, and one is the government." - J.M.


There is Only One Way out of Poverty:  By Arthur Brooks

"Where the two sides (Left and Right) disagree is on the role government plays; not in protecting the poor from poverty, but in lifting them out of it...Our goal should never be to merely make poverty less miserable for people.  Our goal must be to make poverty more escapable." - A.B.


Who Does a $15 Minimum Wage Help?:  By Andy Puzder

"The Left casts the minimum wage debate as a war - between employee and employer...So, if a $15 minimum wage doesn't help workers and doesn't help employers, who exactly does it help?  Well, maybe just the Progressive politicians who manage to mislead voters into believe that it's the right thing to do.  Sounding 'caring,' 'compassionate', and 'concerned' is all well and good.  But having a job is better." - A.P.



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