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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?

"We teach what isn’t taught." - Dennis Prager

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  Dinesh D'Souza

"[T]he United States and Western Europe are not made up of imperialist, colonialist, resource-exploiting, greedy, grasping, brown skin-hating people. Our values are worth defending.  Not just because they are ours, but because they are good." – D.D.

"If all cultures are equal, how does one account for the fact that for the past 500-years it has been one culture, the culture of the West, and now of America, that has shaped the world...And what distinguishes the West from all other cultures are the institutions of democracy, capitalism and science.  These institutions developed because of a peculiar dynamism of Athens and Jerusalem; a synthesis of classical reason and Judeo-Christian morality." – D.D.



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